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Dye Sublimation Printing

If you have never seen a magic wand that can do wonders, you can try Dye Sublimation printing because it performs just like a magic wand! Dye sublimation is a digital printing technique that can make intricate patterns by using heat and pressure to transfer dye onto metals, clothing, and even more, and requires special paper for the transferring process. It uses solid ink instead of liquid ink, which is mostly used in inkjet and laser printing. And the result? The final product shows impressive colorful prints with high resolution quality and exceptional resilience. Even the sunlight will not fade or crack these prints! With the cutting-edge method, Dye Sublimation has redefined the world of digital printing with its latest technology and brands consider it as the most suitable and affordable printing technique.

We are a reputable dye sublimation company with experience of over 5 years in screen printing. Our services include custom design, printing, and finishing. We consider it our utmost priority to deliver top-notch prints at competitive prices.

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